OKBET's Live Game is Here! 5,000x Super Stake Roulette

OKBET’s Live Game is Here! 5,000x Super Stake Roulette

The majority of us are accustomed to watching live game shows produced by well-known software companies. It is always a cause for celebration whenever there is a new entrant into the market.

The initial foray by OKBET into the world of live game shows shows great promise. They plan to create a game that, while similar to other multiplier roulettes, still has its own identity and feel thanks to the inspiration they draw from those games.

The most recent product that this company has made available to the public is referred to as Super Stake Roulette 5,000x. How will this OKBET game compare to others that have already established themselves in the market?

How to Play 5,000-Times-Your-Bet Super Stake Roulette

The popularity of live casino games such as Lightning Roulette and Quantum Roulette has had a significant and profound effect on the industry overall. The most recent offering from OKBET is an entry in the same vein as these other games. The roulette wheel and ruleset used in this game are both European versions; there is only one zero, and players can choose from a variety of French bets.

Players who want the traditional roulette experience will still be able to have it. You have access to the same range of inside and outside bets that are available in the traditional version of roulette. The unique selling points of this release are the supplemental additions that it offers. A Money Wheel bonus is also included, in addition to Silver and Gold multipliers, Hot and Cold numbers, and more. By activating Super Stake, we will be granted access to the Gold numbers as well as the Money Wheel bonuses.

Winning on super stake is the same as in European Roulette, with the exception of bonuses. If your prediction of where the ball will stop is correct, you will be awarded a cash prize.

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The Many Aspects That Constitute the Super Stake Roulette 5,000x Game

No matter whether or not players have Super Stake enabled, silver multipliers will always be in play. Each round has the potential to activate a maximum of five silver multipliers, with values ranging from 50x to 750x. Your win will only be multiplied if you placed a straight-up wager on that particular number in order to qualify.

The activation of Super Stake can result in an increase of up to five gold multipliers in each round. The multipliers in this set range anywhere from 100x to 1,000x. When you activate the Super Stake, your regular bets will have a multiplier of 1.5 applied to them. On the other hand, doing so qualifies you to participate in the Money Wheel feature.

Every time a round is played, the game chooses one number to serve as the Money Wheel number. In the event that this number is drawn, the host will spin a Money Wheel that is loaded with multipliers. This is how you can increase your chances of winning the 5,000x grand prize that is being offered with this release.

Last but not least, OKBET shows both warm and cold numbers. You can attempt to chase after these numbers in the hopes of landing multipliers or the Money Wheel bonus more frequently. Just keep in mind that the game is completely random, and that relying on hot and cold numbers is not a foolproof strategy.

OKBET is Continuing to Expand.

OKBET is continuously expanding its presence, and they recently launched their first live casino game. It just recently made the announcement that its OKBET Live games will be accessible through Unibet. As a result of the partnership, OKBET’s live dealer releases will be made available in a jurisdiction that is supported by the MGA, which will further expand the company’s reach.

Players who were a part of Pragmatic Play Live and witnessed its success are undoubtedly following the ascent of OKBET with interest. It is obvious that the developer has aspirations to battle at the highest levels of the industry. You can be certain that livecasino24.com will be keeping a close eye on this team and all of their upcoming live games.

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