OKBET Update The World Poker Championship will be held at the Grand Royal Poker Club

OKBET Update: The World Poker Championship will be held at the Grand Royal Poker Club

This coming Friday will mark the beginning of the World Poker Championship, which will be held at the Grand Loyal Poker Club in Hanoi. The tournament series will consist of ten days of action, and it will be held in partnership with the South East Asia Poker Tour. There will be a total of 19 events, and fewer than half of them will offer solid prize pool guarantees.

Additional Information Regarding the World Poker Championship

Players who are interested in competing in the series and are willing to travel to Hanoi to do so will have the opportunity to do so in 19 different events, each of which has a prize pool worth more than VN 20 Billion (US$ 854,800). The events in the nation’s capital will run through the 25th, giving players a total of ten days to compete.

This series will offer wagering options to suit players of varying skill levels and bankroll sizes. There will be a wide selection of games to choose from, each with a unique buy-in price. There are both low and high stakes events included. It is anticipated that high rollers will compete in the Super Star Challenge, which has one of the highest entry fees of all the tournaments.

Satellites will also be provided in order to assist players in gaining entry to the tournaments at a more affordable cost. Players who have smaller bankrolls but still want to compete in events with higher buy-ins can benefit greatly from this strategy.

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Details on the Main Event

The Main Event is the tournament that players are looking forward to competing in the most. The first hand of this poker tournament will be dealt on September 20th, and the buy-in is 20 million dong, which is equivalent to $855 USD. Players will compete for a total prize pool of VN 8 billion, which is equivalent to US$ 341,900.

The Main Event will begin on Tuesday with Day 1A, and then continue on Wednesday and Thursday with Days 1B, 1C, and 1D. There will be a Turbo event for the 1D competition, and it will take place on Thursday as well. The second day of the tournament will begin on Friday, September 23, and will be followed the next day by the Final Table on September 24.

The Bling levels for the competition will each be played for a duration of forty minutes during the three qualifying rounds. The turbo option will have blinds that are reset every 25 minutes. If a player makes it to Day 2, they will automatically receive a payout and advance to the final day of the tournament. It is anticipated that the number of participants in the Main Event will be one of the highest of the entire series.

The following are additional competitions that will be held during the tournament series:

  • Kick Off Event September 16-18
  • High Roller The 16th of September
  • High Roller The 18th of September
  • Super Stack September 18
  • Bounty of Unknown Origin September 19-20
  • The Super High Roller Event Will Take Place September 23-24
  • Megastack September 24
  • Closer of Mega Stacks September 25

It will be interesting to see how many people participate in the World Poker Championships that will be held in Vietnam as well as which players end up winning tournaments. Who will walk away with the event titles—amateur poker players or those who play the game professionally?

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