OKBET Slots Update Blood and Gold by Lighting Box Allows Players to Command an Army

OKBET Slots Update: Blood and Gold by Lighting Box Allows Players to Command an Army

Blood and Gold is a brand new medieval fantasy video slot game that was developed by Lighting Box, a well-known slots studio that is owned by Light & Wonder. Players are given the opportunity to take part in an epic adventure in which two armies compete with one another for dominance.

Players have the option of joining either the Red Army or the Blue Army.

In order to come out on top in a game of Blood and Gold, players need to collect a variety of symbols. The slot machine game is comprised of three rows and five reels. There is a total of 25 paylines available to players in Blood and Gold, which provides for a greater degree of flexibility.

Players have the option of collecting letters, trebuchets, and war horns in addition to the symbols that pay the most, which are the King of the Blue faction and the Queen of the Red faction, respectively. In addition, some symbols can substitute for any other symbol, increasing the player’s chances of winning.

On the other hand, wild symbols cannot take the place of the scatter shield symbols required to start the Battle rounds, which are the game’s equivalent of a bonus game. For players to participate in this event, they must first collect at least six scatter shield symbols.

During the rounds of the Battle mode, players will have the opportunity to select an army to lead. They need to choose carefully because this option will have significant repercussions. When the Battle rounds begin, there will be a fight after each spin that occurs during those rounds.

Players have an equal chance of winning or losing the battle depending on the outcomes of the spins and the symbols that they receive. In the event that a player is unsuccessful, any winnings they may have accumulated from the spin will be nullified. After suffering three defeats, the player is forced to pull their army back and the battle is over.

However, if a player is particularly fortunate, they may stumble across a symbol that grants them an additional chance to win. These symbols are exclusive to the middle reel, and they will only appear in the game if the player has four lives or fewer remaining.

The Innovative Elements of the Game Have Received Praise from the Executives

Blood and Gold will initially launch on the platform owned and operated by Rank Group in Europe. However, the game will eventually launch with other operators as well. The game can be found on the OpenGaming platform that is provided by Light & Wonder. This makes it possible for operators to easily incorporate the game into their offerings.

Michael Maokhamphiou, operations manager at Lighting Box, reaffirmed the studio’s commitment to innovation in a recent interview. Lighting Box is able to continue attracting new customers and a growing number of players as a direct result of this mindset.

When asked about the upcoming release, Maokhamphiou mentioned that the combat system in Blood and Gold is something that he believes players will enjoy using. Fans of Lightning Box will undoubtedly find enjoyment in the game’s decision-making component when selecting an army, as well as in the bonus lives and victory opportunities that are available.

Rob Procter, who serves as the vice president of game development for Light & Wonder, lauded the talented members of the in-house studio’s team for developing a game that is both engaging and entertaining. He believes that the army picker is a genuine innovation, and he is looking forward to seeing how the players react to it.

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