OKBET Slot Update SkillOnNet expands into Germany with Hölle Games slots

OKBET Slot Update: SkillOnNet expands into Germany with Hölle Games slots

The Easy$Money Link family of games from FBM is growing in Mexico with the addition of two new slot machines to an existing multi-game pack. Both Triple Wild and Stacked Wild are brand new additions to the games’ feature sets. According to a statement released by the company, the new product is “already spreading across the Mexican market” and will soon be available in more than 60 casinos.

As a result, FBM is broadening its selection of slot machines and delivering “a refreshed multi-game product” to casinos in Mexico. The FBM Easy$Money Link keeps its progressive jackpots (Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand), in addition to adding two new slots and features to the portfolio of games that are available in this multi-game product. These jackpots range in size from minor to grand.

Players who choose to engage in Rainbow Falls will find themselves “immersed in magical sessions” that are “adorned with the Triple Wild feature during free spins.” In this game mode, wild symbols have the potential to appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, where they will expand across the entire column to increase the number of winning combination opportunities for players.

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In the meantime, Viva Mexico takes players “on a trip to Mexico with brand new graphics and sounds.” This game includes the traditional maracas and pinatas of Mexico, in addition to a unique feature called Stacked Wild. Because of this new feature, when players enter the free spins mode, the wild symbol expands to cover the entirety of reels one and five, increasing their chances of winning substantial amounts of money.

“The inclusion of Viva Mexico and Rainbow Falls adds value to a product that was already getting positive feedback from the players in the Mexican market,” said Luis Casamayor, General Manager at FBM in Mexico. “The inclusion of Viva Mexico and Rainbow Falls adds value to a product that was already getting positive feedback.” We are confident that these two new adventures, along with the features that they offer, will provide casino operators and players with gaming experiences that are dependable, innovative, and exciting.

These two games are added to the games that were already included in the initial multi-game. Those games are RacinGo – Wild, Underwater Riches, Kingdom Gems, and Catch the Gold. Each of these games has a unique feature, such as Wild Multiplier, Super Reels, Best Symbols, or Sticky Wild.

According to the company, the combination of these six games “affirms FBM Easy$Money Link as a modern, diverse, and appealing multi-game product, able to provide memorable entertaining sessions in casinos across the country of Mexico.”

According to a statement made by FBM, “The expansion plans for FBM Easy$Money Link are very ambitious and intend to cover various regions until the end of September, by installing this game pack in over 60 casino rooms.” This is only the first step in an intention to expand globally for this product that was launched under the FBM Xtreme identity, and this expansion will have an impact on other markets in Europe and Asia.

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