OKBET Roulette Update PowerUP Roulette Take on European Roulette 2022

OKBET Roulette Update: PowerUP Roulette Take on European Roulette 2022

It’s possible that roulette is the live casino game that’s been played the most times. Before it was offered in online casinos, it already featured a number of distinct wheel configurations and rule variations.

Since that time, software providers have tried out a variety of innovative variations on the roulette game. However, none of these variations were as successful as the roulette game with multipliers that Lightning Roulette made popular.

Today, we take a look at PowerUP Roulette, the newest game released by Pragmatic Play and its contribution to the genre of roulette games that include multipliers. How does this exciting new release stack up against other products in its category? This article covers everything that we know about this release prior to its launch in October, and it is included here for your convenience.

Roulette 101 with a PowerUP

PowerUP Roulette does not make a significant adjustment to the overall strategy. This release utilizes European Roulette as its foundation, much like previous iterations of the game have done. You can place bets on any one of the thirty-six different red and black numbers, as well as the single green zero. You can try your luck at hitting the winning number by playing a variety of inside and outside bets. The more dangerous the bet, the higher the potential return it will have.

After you have found a bet that consistently brings you a profit, you will have the option to turn autoplay on. You can anticipate a polished experience, just like you would with any other Pragmatic Play release. The action is captured in 4K resolution by cameras as it happens. The game is accessible at all times, day or night, and it is staffed at all times by skilled individuals who rotate shifts to keep you interested. You can even save your preferred bets so that it will be simple to play them again at a later time.

Activating the Extraordinary Capability

The bonus round of this Pragmatic Play game is what sets it apart from the other games on the market. Following the conclusion of the betting round, the game will select up to five numbers to become active. For the additional feature to become active, the ball has to stop on one of these PowerUP numbers.

These additional prizes can only be won by placing a bet on the straight-up outcome. You won’t be able to engage in the PowerUP bonus round if you have played any other type of wager, whether inside or outside the casino.

If you’ll look at the screen that’s located behind the roulette wheel, you’ll see that each number has a multiplier associated with it. Each spin gives you the opportunity to activate five of the PowerUP bonus rounds. Additionally, the prize pool for straight-up bets is increased by a factor of two each time it is activated.

From the first to fifth bonus rounds, respectively, multipliers can reach as high as 500x, 1000x, 2,000x, 4,000x, and 8,000x, respectively.

The developer did not reveal how players can win multiplier prizes or how they can activate multiple bonus rounds during the course of a single spin. Our best guess is that each PowerUP bonus results in a fresh spin of the wheel to determine a new winning number. If it lands on another predetermined PowerUP number, the bonus feature will advance to the next level. Having said that, we won’t know for sure if our assumption was correct until the month of October.

The bonus includes a summary panel that provides a concise overview of the accumulated wins over the course of play. It also provides a list of the prizes that are up for grabs in the current PowerUP round.

Is It Worth Taking a Look?

When all we have is a preview, it is difficult to provide an answer that is definitive. Despite this, the things we do know seem to point in a positive direction, and Pragmatic Play has not disappointed us as of yet! It keeps the traditional gameplay of roulette, which we all know and love, while enhancing the experience with multipliers through its PowerUP feature.

And if all of that isn’t enough to sway your decision, the possibility of winning up to 15,525 times your bet might.

If what you have read so far has piqued your interest, we strongly suggest that you play PowerUP Roulette as soon as it becomes available.

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