OKBET Launches Gold Bar Roulette, Giving Players Control And The Ability To Stack Massive Multipliers

OKBET Launches Gold Bar Roulette, Giving Players Control And The Ability To Stack Massive Multipliers

Today, Evolution announced the launch of Gold Bar Roulette, a new addition to its family of live Roulette games. This game puts players in control while also providing increased entertainment and rewards for their participation.

Instead of multipliers being assigned to random numbers, players now have the ability to choose their own lucky numbers thanks to the “putting players in control” element of the game. While doing so, players have the opportunity to select the size of the multipliers, which allows them to take advantage of the possibility of having their wins massively multiplied.

During the course of what is otherwise a run-of-the-mill game of roulette, players in Gold Bar Roulette have the opportunity to win valuable gold bars that come with multipliers.

A number of Gold Bars chosen at random will be awarded to the victor of a Straight Up bet. In the event of a win, the payout for a Gold Bar can be multiplied by 88 times and can be used in subsequent game rounds on any Straight Up bet. Gold Bars that are won by a player are stored in their account for a period of 180 days.

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In addition to this, players have the option of stacking multiple Gold Bars on a single Straight Up bet spot, which results in an increase in the potential multiplied payouts. Gold Bar bets are kept separate from chip bets, and Gold Bars have their own value in addition to the 88x multiplier value that they carry. Players have a great deal of exciting potential for winning as a result of this.

The breathtaking live game setting of Gold Bar Roulette is another standout feature of this casino game. It is designed to look like the most captivating gold bullion vault imaginable, and the suspenseful opening of the vault at the end of each round of the game plays a significant part in determining how many gold bars players are able to win during that round.

“Having witnessed the amazing popularity of our Lightning Roulette game, we know there is a hunger for unique Roulette games that add extra suspense, entertainment, and the potential for big payouts,” said Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution.

“Having witnessed the amazing popularity of our Lightning Roulette game,” We are also aware of how much players enjoy receiving large multipliers, so when designing Gold Bar Roulette, we thought, “Why not go one step further and give the player more control? Why not let the player choose what numbers will pay big – and how big the payout should be?”

Haushalter continued, saying, “In Gold Bar Roulette, the golden wheel and the Gold Bar vault environment are mesmerizing.” Players are always overjoyed when it is revealed how many gold bars can be won, because this gives them the opportunity to build up their winnings on a number or numbers that they personally feel are lucky for them.

It is possible for players, depending on how they choose to use their Gold Bars, to reach multiplied payouts as high as 10,000x or even double that! The Gold Bars provide the opportunity for some large, multiplied wins.

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