OKBET Cue Sports Update Pool Players Who Have Tried their Hand at Snooker

OKBET Cue Sports Update: Pool Players Who Have Tried their Hand at Snooker

Snooker players are widely recognized as being among the most skilled cueists in the field of cue sports. When they switch over to pool for leading events like the Mosconi Cup and the US Open, it can often be very exciting to watch.

Take a look at some of the former snooker players who held the world number one spot and have also competed at the highest level in pool.

Ronnie O’Sullivan

Snooker legend Ronnie “The Rocket” O’Sullivan is widely regarded as the game’s greatest player of all time. In April, he defeated Judd Trump 18-13 in the final of the Crucible tournament to win his seventh world championship on the snooker tour. His victory gave him the title.

As of the 26th of August, O’Sullivan had a +450 chance, according to the sports betting odds, of winning his eighth world title the following year. This would guarantee that he holds the record for the most wins in an individual World Snooker Tour (WST) tournament in its entirety. He now has seven trophies, the same amount as Stephen Hendry has at this point.

O’Sullivan is a veteran of two Mosconi Cup tournaments, both of which were competed in by Team Europe. It was in 1996 when he made his first appearance, and his team lost to the United States by a score of 15-13. In that particular year, The Rocket competed in and won two of his three singles matches. His victories came against Earl Strickland and Allen Hopkins.

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Twelve months after making his Mosconi Cup debut, O’Sullivan returned to Team Europe, where he was used more frequently throughout the competition. This time, Team Europe won the Mosconi Cup. He participated in a total of five games, coming out on top in just two of those contests while falling short in the other three.

O’Sullivan competes on the WST a lot less frequently than he used to, so it is not impossible to imagine him competing in the Mosconi Cup again in the future, provided that his schedule is clear in November and December.

Judd Trump

At the United States Open in 2021, the 23-time ranking winner competed in pool for the first time. In the fourth round, fellow British citizen Jayson Shaw was victorious over Judd Trump and defeated him. The Ace in the Pack had a successful showing in New Jersey, and as a result, there may be an increase in the number of snooker players competing in the tournament in the years to come.

Trump was successful in advancing through the first three rounds of the significant competition. In his first match, he completely dominated Joe Magee, winning 9-0. The number 25 seed then defeated Dhruvalkumar Patel of India by a score of 9-2, and in the third round, he prevailed 11-5 over Abdullah Al-Shammari.

In the game that he played with Shaw, Trump’s lack of experience on the pool table was evident, but the snooker star gained a lot from the experience because he was competing against one of the best players in the sport.

In the portion of the tournament reserved for losers, Trump was able to log some additional table time. In the sixth and final round, he was defeated by South African Jason Theron in a fight that went down to the wire.

Steve Davis

Steve Davis, an Englishman, competed in the first Mosconi Cup in 1994, which was won by the United States of America with a score of 16-12 over Europe at the Roller Bowl in Romford. Throughout the competition, he participated in a number of singles and doubles matches.

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Davis continued to compete in nine-ball pool, despite the fact that he was still considered to be one of the best snooker players at the time. After that, he participated in 11 Mosconi Cup tournaments, which cemented his status as a legend in the game’s long-running competition.

Davis was successful in pool thanks to his methodical approach, despite the fact that he was not considered to be one of the most entertaining players in the history of snooker. It was clear that the pockets appeared quite large to him, and he had complete command of the cue ball while moving it around the table.

It was Jimmy White.

Jimmy White participated in the inaugural Mosconi Cup in the same year as Davis did, which was in 1994. His manner of play was ideal for the competition, and in addition to that, he was a huge hit with the spectators while he was at the table.

White won the final singles match of the competition, defeating Lou Butera 4-2 to ensure that Europe won the Mosconi Cup for the first time in 1995. This victory ensured that the European team was the one that took home the trophy.

White is still active on the professional snooker tour despite being 60 years old. He is still making it to the tournaments he wants to play in and winning against more experienced players. The Whirlwind competed in the finals of the Crucible six times, but he was never able to take home the World Championship. However, he was victorious at the World Seniors Championship in 2019, and he took home the trophy.

In 2022, the Mosconi Cup will make its return for its 29th iteration. It will be held in Las Vegas, and Europe is the defending champion after claiming an 11-6 victory over North America in December of last year.

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