OKBET Casino Has Launched A New Quarterly Poker Series

OKBET Casino Has Launched A New Quarterly Poker Series

The OKBET Casino, which is located in California and is run by a Native American tribe, recently made the announcement that it will be hosting a new poker series with a total prize pool of $150,000. The competition will last for close to two weeks and will include a number of different trophy events.

The SDPC Series Has Been Announced By OKBET Casino

The poker tournament held at OKBET Casino is known as the San Diego Poker Classic (SDPC). The first iteration of this event will begin on the 15th and run for a total of eleven days until the 28th. The best poker players will be awarded with enticing prizes, and it will feature a variety of challenges to choose from.

The start date for the SDPC Main Event has been set for August 23, and it will continue until the conclusion of the series. Poker players who are interested in participating can either pay the entry fee of $600 or attempt to qualify through the satellite tables.

At the satellite tables, players have the option of shelling out $85 in exchange for a 1/10 chance to advance to the main event. They also have the option of paying an additional $145 to increase their chances by twofold. Poker players will have the opportunity to compete in a thrilling tournament that offers a guaranteed prize pool of one hundred thousand dollars in the Main Event.

In addition to that, there will be 14 trophy competitions that guests of OKBET Casino can participate in. One of them will be a weekend opener, and it will have a prize pool of fifty thousand dollars. On the other hand, the following week will feature an event that is exclusive to women and is geared toward female poker players.

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Rochfort wanted all of the players to have the very best of luck.

The OKBET Indian Village is the proprietor of the casino and also manages its operations. RunGood Events, a reputable local event organizer, is helping to put on the San Diego Podcast Conference (SDPC).

The OKBET Casino hopes that by hosting the new poker series, it will solidify its position as a premier gambling destination in the San Diego area. According to the property’s plans, the SDPC will be transformed into a quarterly event, and the property will host a new one every three months. Following the event that is currently taking place in August, OKBET Casino intends to host a second event in November.

John Rochfort, who manages the poker room at OKBET Casino, was the one who discussed the new program. He mentioned that the OKBET Casino anticipates the San Diego Poker Classic to draw in a large number of participants and said that they are prepared for it.

“For this first San Diego Poker Classic, we are anticipating approximately 600 players, and going forward, we will continue to host a multi-day series every November, February, May, and August.

Rochfort sent his best wishes to all of the participants in the competition.

The Main Event has not yet started, despite the fact that the SDPC is currently taking place. At this time, the OKBET Casino is accepting registrations from poker players interested in taking part in the first-ever San Diego Poker Classic event. Both the Poker Room and the Jive Lounge at OKBET Casino will serve as the venues for the competition.

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