OKBET Baccarat Update Baccarat wins Nevada's $1.27bn June GGR

OKBET Baccarat Update: Baccarat wins Nevada’s $1.27bn June GGR

The city of Las Vegas, which is located in the state of Nevada, reported a gross baccarat online casino gaming revenue (GGR) of $1.27 billion for the month of June.

This is the 16th consecutive month that the Silver State has brought in more than $1 billion in revenue, which is now very much the norm for the nation’s gambling hub which is located in the United States.

In light of Macau’s recent financial difficulties, Nevada has reclaimed its position as the gambling capital of the world.

Baccarat’s revenue for the month of June increased by 143.2 million dollars, representing a year-on-year increase of 237%.

Other successful verticals include card games, which saw an increase in revenue of 83% to $46.3 million, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, which saw an increase in revenue of 22% to $14 million, and ‘other’ slot machines, which saw an increase in revenue of 22% to $10.8 million.

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Having said that, the payouts for the 1 Cent, the 25 Cent, and the $25 slot machines all went down for the month.

Football actually resulted in a loss of money for Las Vegas in terms of sports betting, with revenue of negative $1.3 million, whereas every other sport resulted in a gain for the state of Nevada.

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Although the overall company trend for the second quarter has been either a decline or marginal growth, the revenue from Nevada is a good sign for any reports from US operators still to come for the second quarter.

For example, Boyd Gaming was only able to report a 0.1% increase in revenue for the second quarter of the year. In spite of this, President and Chief Executive Officer Keith Smith stated that the previous year’s results were skewed due to the fact that there was government stimulus and an opening up of Covid restrictions, which created pent-up demand.

In terms of Q2 reports from countries other than the United States, Kambi experienced a decrease in revenue of 19% (but a rise in revenue of 16% when discounting for DraftKings), and Evolution reported a rise in operating revenue of 34%; however, CEO Martin Carlesund described this as “good but not great.”

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