2022 NHL Stanley Cup with OKBET Championship Ice Hockey Betting Odds

The first round of the playoffs for the 2022 Stanley Cup was completed over the past weekend, and the second round of those playoffs is scheduled to begin tonight.

The number of teams competing is now down to just eight from the original sixteen. There were not a lot of upsets in the first round, as the team with the higher seed won six out of the eight series. The Lightning and the Blues both started out as lower seeds in their respective series but managed to come out on top.

The list of teams that the oddsmakers believe have the best chances to win a Cup has undergone some changes; however, for the most part, the odds have remained relatively unchanged. The Avalanche, the Panthers, and the Flames are still considered to be in the best position to win the Stanley Cup. These were the three teams that entered the playoffs as the favorites.

As we move on to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, let’s take a look at who the odds-on favorites are to win both conferences as well as the cup itself.

Who is the team that is expected to come out on top in the Eastern Conference?

The East continues to be contested to a very close degree. According to Sports Interaction, there are four teams competing, and of those four teams, three have odds that are lower than +300. Oddsmakers believe that the Rangers are the only team that possesses even a remote possibility of winning the conference.

Who is the team that is expected to come out on top in the Western Conference?

According to Sports Interaction, the Western Conference is the one that the Avalanche should try to win.

The current odds for Colorado are -123, making them the best of the four remaining teams. It is reasonable to believe this, given that the Avalanche won their first-round series against the Predators in just four games, whereas the other teams required at least six games to advance.

Who is the team most likely to bring home the Stanley Cup in 2022?

According to Sports Interaction, the race for the championship is getting more competitive, despite the fact that the Avalanche and the Panthers continue to be the favorites.

The odds of winning the Cup were +213 in favor of Colorado at that point. After that, the Panthers are not far behind at +404, but the Flames, who are at +490, are even closer to them than that.

The Rangers and the Blues are considered to be the two teams with the lowest odds of winning the Stanley Cup. Both of these teams currently have odds of +1500 or higher, which places them well behind the other teams in the competition.

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